Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not Everything is at Your Fingertips

We have always been taught to follow our passions as that would result in the greatest amount of success. However, I use that word lightly as success can come in many forms whether that be money, happiness, positive feedback…the list goes on.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case as after years of commitment and dedication, Jim Rankin from the Toronto Star says he is still waiting for that positive feedback: audience appreciation.

Back in 2002, Rankin began an online news site for the Toronto Star which would inform Canadians of the crime and punishment system in our country; specifically, it would tell us how billions of dollars are being put into the system each year because of the ever-changing criminal laws.

With our pocketbooks being a top priority these days, you would think that this informative site would be of interest to any Canadian.

Rankin says that that may be the case, if the Toronto Star had a better way of properly show casing web-exclusive content.

With the internet being highly accessible to almost everyone these days, you would think that a successful newspaper would strive to have all of its information a click-a-way…Especially after the generous amount of time that Rankin put into the site in order to come into contact with his Freedom of Information requests.

To put that time frame into perspective, Rankin says that he just received information on a file request he put out in 2003.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it took me that long to find his interactive site, as after hours of searching Google I wasn’t in anyway closer to it.

With a site that has everything you need to know about crime and punishment in Canada at your finger tips, the accessibility of it should come just as easy.


Jim Rankin from the Toronto Star is disappointed with the lack of audience his website has had.

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